Thursday, September 25, 2008

Near or far... still part of THE HERD

Aunt Pam, my mom, and I were talking about putting together a blog with links to everyone's pages - here it is! If I'm missing anyone let me know. Hopefully this will allow us to stay updated on each other's lives.


Ice-Cold Goat's Milk said...

Nice job, Lex! This is the 2nd oldest cousin, reporting in and making the first comment!

Aegerter said...

Wow- this must be the year for Moab for the extended Herd family. We ended up on the same raft trip that the CEO, engineer, doc, accountant, builder and recent grad went on in May. We entitled it the 'grandma tour' because my cousin from California, who went with us, was concerned about returning home to her grandson. It was to celebrate Deb's birthday, which is today. We saw the sunset at delicate arch and it was amazing. great pictures or delicate arch, engineer.

Anita Satterfield said...

Dear Allie/Lex: How cute of you to do this! You are a doll, as always! Thank you for sharing.
I'm quite illiterate as to these processes, but I'm trying to figure out how to at least read blogs.
It was fun to see Brett. He looks like he belongs. You guys are cute together.
Gramps would be proud of your fishing efforts.
I Love You, Aunt Nete